Designed for Leaders and Decision-makers from OEMs to Supplier Tiers in the Commercial Aviation Suppliers Industry 

SpeedNews is pleased to present its 35th Annual Commercial Aviation Industry Suppliers Conference in Beverly Hills, California on March 2-4, 2021.

This Conference will provide delegates – equipment manufacturers, material suppliers, aviation industry analysts, financial institutions, and marketing executives – with important updates about the commercial aviation industry. Aircraft and engine manufacturers will present status reports on product strategies and market developments. Industry experts will present production and delivery forecasts and review the current economic status of the industry. Supply chain management, maintenance and subcontractor issues will also be addressed.

Topics focus on key components driving the industry

   • Industry views 
   • Market and technology drivers
   • OEM perspectives
   • Aircraft production and delivery forecasts
   • Aero engine developments
   • Avionics and connectivity
   • Tier 1 supplier discussions
   • The supply chain landscape
   • Industry 4.0 and digitalization
   • The aviation ecosystem
   • Geopolitical impacts
   • Mergers and acquisitions

Who benefits from attending?

   • Strategic planning, marketing executives and business development leaders 
   • Supply chain executives and senior decision makers 
   • Equipment OEMs, sub-tier manufacturers, material and parts suppliers
   • Industry analysts
   • Lessors and financial community members
   • Economic development executives

Delegates are presented with up to date information and take part in valuable business networking opportunities with industry leaders. Delegates will gain new tools, information and relationships that will support and enhance their organization's growth opportunities. 

Please contact Joanna Speed by phone at +1-310-857-7691, if you have any questions about this Conference.

Gilbert W. Speed Award

The Gilbert W. Speed Award recognizes the individual who demonstrates outstanding leadership and collaboration across the global aerospace & defense supply chain. The award honors the vision and values embodied by Gil Speed's career in aerospace, and as a leading publisher of information, media and event products designed to share knowledge, build relationships and improve the effectiveness of the industry.

Submit your nominee for the Seventh Annual Gilbert W. Speed Award

Previous award winners include:
 • David P. Storch, Chairman of AAR
 • Scott A. Smith, President of AMI Metals
 • Jim Downey, Co-Founder of EnCore Aerospace
 • Stephen Gill, Chairman & CEO of The Gill Corporation
 • Charles G. Hutter, Founder & Inventor of Click Bond
 • Bryan D Perkins, CEO and Co-Founder of Novaria Group

The awardee for 2021 will be announced on March 3rd, at the 35th Annual Aviation Industry Suppliers Conference.

Special Rate Available

A special rate is available for those interested in attending both the 35th Annual Commercial Aviation Industry Suppliers Conference and the 11th Annual Aerospace Raw Materials & Manufacturers Supply Chain Conference. Register online now. The Aerospace Raw Materials & Manufacturers Supply Chain Conference is designed to serve a full range of materials and parts manufacturers in the dynamic global commercial and defense markets. The agenda includes topics of interest for equipment OEMs, sub-tier manufacturers, supply chain executives, market analysts, investment bankers, and material and parts suppliers.


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